Value Alignment.

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Value Alignment.

It needs to be at least 500 words. Part McDonald’s is one of the largest fast food chain with more than 32,000 outlets across the world. The core values of the company are primarilypeople-centric and are important and sincere declaration of its objectives and aims. The following statements comprise of organization’s core values (McDonalds):

  1. Provide quality customer service and high quality food at affordable prices that facilitates customer satisfaction at all levels of interaction, meeting their requirements and demands.
  2. Committed to diversity at workplace.
  3. Facilitating and creating conducive environment for people coming from different race, color and culture.
  4. Ensuring ethical consideration in all the business dealings with various stakeholders through accountability, honesty, fairness and integrity.
  5. Committed towards environment conservation and sustainable development.

The organization’s plans and actions in promoting its business goals are aligned to its values. The success of McDonald’s can be contributed to the long term vision and strong belief of the founding members in making it the best fast food center through customer satisfaction and meeting their changing preferences. While they have included nutrition and well being in their plans and actions, diversifying their product lines to target senior citizens has been a brilliant move. They have already made a niche market in catering to the preferences of the youngsters and now introducing monthly breakfast schemes in select outlet has made it popular amongst the senior citizens also.

Part 2

In the recent years, McDonald’s has made considerable efforts to incorporate these values in its actions and plans. While providing a high quality of services in the area of fast food and beverages, its leaders have ensured that the company fulfils its social accountabilities through very measures of employees’ welfare schemes, environmental concerns and charitable works in the various areas of public interests. The core values of the company are designed to meet the needs and requirements of the customers through well planned strategy which would help fulfill the long term vision of the organization. The success of McDonald’s can be contributed to the long term vision and strong belief of the founding members in making it the best fast food center. Indeed, the sensitive and focused approach of the organization, in dealing with the various aspects of the environmental features, has become the most crucial factor while implementing their business strategies and plans.

My values are focused towards ethical considerations, keeping sustainable development, environmental conservation and accountability as intrinsic part of all my plans and actions. In meeting my various short term goals and objectives, I try to follow my values. In the contemporary environment, accountability and environment compulsions have become critical to the survival of the human race and therefore, necessitate genuine efforts to promote accountability in one’s action. Looking at the value based actions and business strategy of McDonald’s, one can therefore, conclude that there has been a significant alignment of my values with that of McDonald’s.


McDonald’s Values. Available from: [Accessed 2 August, 2009].

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