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Course Reflection NUR3165 Nursing Research

The nursing course has helped me to grow both personally and professionally. When I enrolled in the course, I did not know what exactly was required of me. I just knew I wanted to help people. Through the years of my study, however, I have learnt that it takes more than wanting. The course has taught me to be committed and dedicated to patients’ health goals. This is especially because nurses are often faced by the most challenging clinical situations that could easily make one to despair and lose focus. I learnt that the road will not always be smooth but the journey of saving people’s lives and helping the suffering will always be worth it. I have also honed my interpersonal and communication skills over my years of study that I believe will come in handy in communicating and relating with patients, their families, other nurses and physicians. The course has also taught me primary and secondary research skills that I am sure will help me enhance my knowledge and skills over the years I will practice nursing.

When I joined the course I expected to learn nursing roles and to study anatomy. The course met and surpassed my expectations since I also learnt other important knowledge and skills such as leadership skills, and teamwork. I have also learnt to conduct evidence-based practice (EBP) reviews for individual patients by the formulation of a good PICO question. Foreground and background questions are important clinical questions that I believe will help me in the preparation of a group project and an EBP paper. Learning the different levels of evidence in nursing and how to conduct nursing researches in search for the best and current nursing evidence has strengthened my skills in writing an EBP paper and preparing a presentation (Winona State University, 2018).

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