Trauma, Memory and History

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For this comparative paper, you absolutely need to address more than one source (except Prompt #1). You need to intertwine ideas about your various sources seamlessly in your essay. Writing large separate paragraphs about each work you are analyzing will not be satisfactory. Similarly to your first paper, you will need quotes and references to your primary sources to support your claims. Refer to the comments I have given you on your first essay to know what you need to improve on. Do not write extensively about Toni Morrison; you can use Beloved to support some of your ideas, but this essay is mainly about Charlotte Delbo’s, Ovida Delect’s, Ruth Kluger’s, Imbi Paju’s, and Malika Mokkedem’s works and the other documentaries you watched.
**ONLY use the sources attached below!!!**

Topics: Pick ONE of the following topics.

1. Discuss the ways in which Malika Mokkedem addresses the intersection of historical trauma, generational/familial trauma, and gendered trauma in Of Dreams and Assassins.

2. Analyze the ways in which the camps, slavery, or patriarchal society force victims to compromise and collaborate with their oppressors and the system they represent.

3. As you highlighted in your forums, a lot of our authors use various literary, writing, or filmic strategies to create empathy and/or distance (between themselves and the events they lived and/or between their readers and the events) – analyze these writing strategies and how they impact the style of the readings or movies/documentaries we have covered.

4. Analyze the effects that traumatic events have on identity, sense of self, and/or relationships with others.

5. Discuss the specific gendered experience lived by the authors we have read and/or the characters we have followed; how do their experiences vary from the experiences of men who have lived through the same events?

6. Identify and analyze any thematic network linked to traumatic memories in the works we have studied. [make sure to be specific about what this thematic network is exactly and what it symbolizes]

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