Stress Article

Because of the Internet we have access to more information than we can process. Social media, blogs, news, etc. all share information that individuals consume and act on. This information may or may not be held to the same standards that academic research is held to (i.e., the peer review process). For example, published books are not typically peer reviewed and thus the claims made within the book are entirely those of the author. Many managers point to books as sources of quality information, and even create policies and processes based on this information, when in fact that information is no more credible than a post on Facebook.

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For this assignment, identify an article, or other source of information that you can retrieve online, that gives atheoretical advice on how to cope with stress. What is it about the article that would lead people to believe its contents? Why should this information not be trusted? What types of claims are made and why would these be questionable? Was there anything true in the article? How do you know it to be true? Then, explain how this same, or similar, information could be conveyed in a way that increases its credibility. What advice would you give to a junior manager who shared this article with their employees?

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