Stratford University Cyber Criminal and Laws Addressing Cyber Crime Paper


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Part 1 (300 words) with one recent online reference

  • Is it ethical for universities/training schools to teach hacking techniques?
  • Are companies such as (Apple/Google/Microsoft) that are spying on us are intruders?

Part 2 (7 to 9 Pages) please includes charts to explain the situations.

First, investigate the basics of cyber crime, what is it and how does it work.

  • How Cybercriminals Use Phone Scams To Take Over Accounts and Commit Fraudhttp://www.bankinfosecurity.com/webinars/how-cybercriminals-use-phone-scams-to-take-over-accounts-commit-fraud-w-644
  • Read Chapter 5:Techniques and Resources for Computer Crime http://library.assetviewer.aspx?bookid=34480&chunkid=301137881&rowid=363

    • Identity theft techniques
    • Fraud techniques
    • Hacking techniques
  • Read Chapter 18How Cyber Criminals Communicate http://library.books24x7.com.ezp-01.lirn.net/assetviewer.aspx?bookid=34480&chunkid=932206786&noteMenuToggle=0&hitSectionMenuToggle=0&leftMenuState=1

    • Pay particular attention to Encryption and how criminals use encryption
  • Read Chapter 14 – Protecting Children on the Internet http://library.books24x7.com.ezp-01.lirn.net/assetviewer.aspx?bookid=34480&chunkid=395603752&rowid=814

Second, investigate legal issues surrounding cyber crime.This will include what laws address which cyber issue.

  • Read Legal Issues in Information Security, Second Edition Chapter 12 on criminal law and tort law issues in cyberspace. https://stratford.icims.com/icims2/servlet/icims2?module=Root&action=login&hashed=-800485674
  • Read Chapter 5 – Cybercrime Laws Which Statute for Which Crime? http://library.books24x7.com.ezp-01.lirn.net/assetviewer.aspx?bookid=69834&chunkid=632123800

    • Hacking and website defacement
    • Malware creation and distribution
    • Computer spying and intrusions
    • Denial of service attacks
    • Personal crimes
    • Financial crimes and fraud
    • Economic espionage
  • Investigate the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and the Fifth Amendment.
  • Dig deeper on the Internet and the library database to find out more about Jurisdiction, Digital Discovery, Data Retention, Digital Security, Encryption.

Task 4: Analysis of Case Study on Cyber Crime for the Company:The company has experienced a number of attempts to hack into their systems, introduce malware, and conduct other espionage in order to gain access to secret product information.

TransManuCo believes that economic or industrial espionage has taken place to gather information about the company, first to discredit it, but also to steal intellectual property and ongoing research. It is also concerned that attackers have attempted to obtain operational information, such as datasets on clients, pricing, sales, marketing, research and development, policies, prospective bids, planning or marketing strategies or the changing compositions and locations of production.In at least two cases attempts were made to sabotage their systems though malware.The CEO now believes that there is someone on the inside who is assisting outside attackers and would like to take steps to have it formally investigated and prosecuted.

Analyze the episodes in this case including:

  • A brief discussion of what the issue or threat is and how it could affect the company
  • What cyber security laws or compliance standards are affected
  • What actions the company should take to mitigate the issue or decrease the potential threat
  • Cite your sources in APA from reputable reference materials

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