Sample Term Paper on Analysis and Design of Work

Human Resource Management
The field of human resource has in the recent past faced numerous issues. Some of them have been discussed, but some areas need more attention and may ruin a company’s reputation if not well addressed. These areas include analysis and design of work, recruitment, selection and placement of personnel, training and training methods, and methods to ensure that the staff members engage in their work, and strategies to encourage employee retention and prevent burnout.
Q1:Please identify and assess the various human resource issues presented: i.e. Analysis and Design of work; Recruitment; Selection and Placement of personnel; Training; Methods to ensure personnel are engaged at work and Strategies to encourage Employee retention and prevent burnout?

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Analysis and Design of Work:-Work analysis has been described as all the processes involved in the human resource department that are aimed at identifying what the job involves and the skills needed to accomplish it. After the job analysis, the next step that follows is the work design. This is whereby the HR department clarifies the specific of somebody in a certain position.
Recruitment:-This refers to the process through which companies or businesses find and attract qualified job applicants. Recruitment begins when the job is advertised, and ends when the applicants have submitted their applications (Aswathappa, 2007). A company must stick to the stated qualifications.
Selection and Placement:-From the pool of all the applicants, the process by which the most qualified ones are picked is what is referred to as selection. Placement on the other hand, is the process of allocating roles to employees.
Training: – the process of improving the capability level of an employee. It is recommended that training should meet the standards of the requirements of the company.
Methods of Engaging Employees at Work:-It is very important to have an engaged workforce in your company as this would improve the overall productivity of the company. The methods include; never harbor any negativity towards your employees, make available necessary materials, Clear communication, know your staff, train the employees
Employee Retention and Prevention of Burnout:-This is very important for a company to be able to retain its best employees. Without this a company will be training personnel who leave the company when most needed. It has been said that employees never leave their jobs, but they leave the managers.
Q1:B. After identifying the issues presented, please evaluate each issue and discuss where the breakdown in Human Resources Management occurred, providing recommendations as to how these issues can be prevented in the future?

Analysis and Design of Work:- This is whereby the HR department clarifies the specific of somebody in a certain position.HR director should have ensured that details of the jobs advertised were well understood by recruiting staff.HR director should also ensure that the recruiting staff know the roles and how to execute them effectively.
Recruitment:-HR director and the staff recruiting should have ensured that the recruitment process is free and fair. A company must stick to the stated qualifications.
Selection and Placement: – . Recommendation involves the selection process and should be observed keenly to promote transparency. Applicants who fail the drug test should not be considered at any cost. The people responsible for selection should be proud of the company, and would not allow anything that would tarnish the company’s image.
Training:-Aswathappa has defined training as the process of introducing skills, knowledge and even abilities to a new recruit. It is recommended that training should meet the standards of the requirements of the company. Lapses in training occurred at this stage.
Methods of Engaging Employees at Work:-.HR director should ensure that all the staff members are engaged and are motivated before assigning those tasks like recruiting new employees. Engagement has to do with the employees’ emotions and how they feel about their job. An engaged workforce will have a positive result of the product’s quality, customer service, total cost of production, and also their loyalty level tend to improve. An engaged workforce is good for the business (Attrdge, 2009). Methods used in ensuring that employees are engaged include:
Methods used in ensuring that employees are engaged include:
Never harbor any negativity towards your employees: – every employee should be treated as a unique individual and should never be compared with other employees. An employer should learn to appreciate each employ and believe that every employee has something valuable to offer the company.
Make available necessary materials: – before employees start doing the assigned jobs, an employer needs to make sure that they have everything that is required for the jobs they are assigned to be completed effectively and in time. The employer should take time to ask each employ if he/she has everything he or she needs for the assigned tasks.
Clear communication;- employers should always make sure they are clear in what is expected of each employee, the values of the company, the company’s culture, the mission and vision of the company. An employer needs to ensure that every employee is conversant with all the regulations and rules of the company.
Know your staff:- as an employer, one need to make it his/her duty to find out the aspirations of employees, what they believe in and may be if they have goals they intend to achieve. This does not necessary mean that the employer has to invade the privacy of the employees, but has to be done in a professional manner.
Train the employees; – some skills are very valuable for individual’s peaceful co-existence. The employer should make sure that employees are trained in skills like problem solving and conflict resolution. This will improve positive relationship among employees and with customers.
Employee Retention and Prevention of Burnout: Halvoson (2013), in his article “7 employee retention strategies” advices that for employers to retain their employees, they need to choose the best employees and forget those not with the company. Employers also need to give employees room to develop their skills and abilities. Achievement of this will make employees want to stay. Another aspect to consider is how to plan the schedule of each employee. Every employee should be allowed quality time with family, as much as there is work to be completed.
The employer should also try to be the best person to work with, provide room for growth and should always be keen with the management of the company.
Q1:C. Lastly, how can these recommendations create a competitive advantage and restore the integrity of the nuclear mission for the United States Air Force? What lessons were learned by the USAF?
With these strategies, employers are able to retain some of their best employees. These recommendations would have positive impacts on the image of the company; would make it more attractive to more potential workforce, would attract talented workforce and would also improve the company’s corporate reputation (Auger et al, 2013)
Q2:A. Steps you would take to facilitate the termination?
As Beesley (2012) expounds in her article, before an employer thinks of terminating an employee, he/she needs to follow a procedures:
Understand the policy of employment at will: – if the company is within Montana then this policy is not applicable and hence HR director cannot terminate the employee’s services without any good reason.
Illegal termination: – as a HR director, one need to assess instances that may lead to illegal termination. This can lead to complicated court cases. There should not be cases of discrimination, whistleblower and exercising legal rights
Record the employee’s performance:-even with the employ at will policy, the director is still required to record all aspects that pertain to the employee’s performance.
Rights and benefits of employee:-some benefits that are supposed to be accorded to employees and their rights must be considerd, and necessary steps taken to ensure they receive these benefits.
Final pay:-the director should organize on how the employee will get their final paycheck and lastly, since the employee has worked for more than 5 year, severance pay will apply.
Q2:B. various legal considerations that need to be considered
Age discrimination in employment act (ADEA) prohibits any employer from firing an employ because of age. An old employee can be fired based on other reasons different from age (Kaminshine, J, 1990). The director must ensure that termination based on a “reasonable factor other than age” (RFOA).
Q2:C. How you would minimize the impact of the termination on Janet while ensuring the safety of other employees and protecting the Employer from liability?

A HR director can use some strategies to minimize the negative effects of termination on a fired employee. Never explain the cause of termination if he or she cannot defend it in the court of law, do not force them to sign when receiving their final pay, do not give them wrong information about their entitlement benefit, do not discuss them with other employees, and just give them recommendation when they request (Barry, 2013).

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