Sample Research Paper on Diversity in Texas

Diversity in Texas

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The arrival of Spanish conquerors reflects their first historical record of settling in Texas in the year 1519. This region had already been inhabited by diverse tribes of native Americans whose ancestors had occupied the space for numerous years. All sections of Texas were taken by six states namely Spain, Republic of Texas, France, United States of America, Mexico and the Confederate States of America.

Historical Background

In 1680, the first Europeans settled in El Paso Texas with Native Americans who came from Isleta and the expelled Spaniards. This took place during the Pope’s rebellion in the north of New Mexico. Later in 1682, a new French colony was established and stopped by Native Americans in duration of three years. However, Spanish authorities felt obliged to initiate settlement that could maintain their land claims. In east of Texas, several missions were started and stopped in 1691 (Currie 64). After twenty years, Spanish Authorities attempted to colonize Texas with concern of the French who had occupied Louisiana at the border. In approximately 110 years, Spain had already launched various presidios, villages and missions across the province.

The population of Spanish settlers increased, which added to the number of soldiers and missionaries. This resulted to signing of agreement between the United States colonizers and citizens from Spain. The Mexican Texas became part of the modern state after Mexico attained independence from Spain in 1821. Authorities in Mexico encouraged settlement by permitting well-arranged immigration from United States. As a result, this led to a population of over 30,000 Anglos to stay in Texas while Mexicans population was 7800 (Maxwell 86). After dissolution of 1824 constitution, Texan began experiencing a wide variety of issues. First, it was difficult to access courts in Texas, while the regions government and its military experienced issues of self-defense. This led to confrontations that affected Gonzales convincing public sentiment in Mexican Texas to support revolution. Furthermore, Santa Anna’s invasion at the territory led to rise of conflict in 1836. During this period, Texas forces joined the battle and gained victory in the Revolution.

After this revolution, Texas changed to Republic of Texas meaning that it was an independent nation. The Republic of Texas had rich lands that benefited the state in ranching and cotton plantations. This made thousands of immigrants to come from Germany and United States to be part of the rich economy. In 1845, Texas became section of the United States and was declared the 28th state. In 1861, Texas announced it had succeeded the US in becoming part of the Confederate States of America. Analyzing wars, it is evident that only few American Civil battles happened in Texas as majority of its regiments were in the east. At the end of the battle, African Americans who were slaves became free. As a result, Texas became part of the reconstruction procedure that left bitterness among the whites.



The white people regained power in politics and formulated rules that subjected the blacks to fall under the second-class category. The blacks were not part of the formal political system in Texas. This took place untill 1960s after federal passage that incorporated civil rights of legislation. The Democratic Party maintained a dominant position in politics of Texas for 100 years. This implies that from end of reconstruction period to 1980s the democrats were not active in the government. They became active again after the renewed competition they encountered from Populist Party in late 19th century. As a result, Democrats segregated majority of blacks, poor Latinos and whites by imposing a poll tax on them in beginning of 20th century. The passage of civil rights legislation in 1960s saved the above-mentioned minorities from being excluded from the government (Currie 112). The Republican Party has maintained an active position by being more prominent in Texas government.

In 1990s, the Republican Party became a dominant party in the country. However, population growth among Latino or Hispanics was in favor of Democratic Party to rule Texas. This implies that in the long run, proponents of Democratic government may shift alignments in the party. Currently, political parties that govern the state include the Republican Party of Texas RPT that serves as key political party in Texas State of the U S. The mission of this party is to endorse conservative codes of government and its conservative philosophy.  The RPT is categorized as a political action committee in a legal way. Rules set by state determines its structure whereby laws of the party do not clash with those of the state.  The executive committee of the party alongside with chair and vice of the state contribute by managing affairs of the party that happen in state conventions. The chair association in the county operates by supporting and offering coordination chances among chosen republican chairpersons in Texas.

In addition, Texas Federation in charge of Republican Outreach participates significantly in the party by encouraging affiliation of African-American voters. As a result, this increases the population of African-Americans to stand in for elected Republican candidates in Texas. Moreover, there is the Texas Republican Assembly that serves as a base organization, which volunteers to endorse and elect Republican candidates who are conservative in Texas.  This state incorporate six charter clubs whereby the Republican National Hispanic aim to promote Hispanic and American voters to engage actively in the party. The Latinos have also formulated a coalition that endorses active civic participation as a manner of uniting GOP and Hispanic community. Currently, situation of government in Texas depict that the Republicans are in control of state offices. Furthermore, the party is in charge of all houses including state legislature where they have majority of their delegations in the congress. As a result, this has made Texas to be one of the states that embrace Republican government in United States.

However, in spite of the strong authority that was reflected in Republican Party, some regions and cities were still in support of the Democratic government (Maxwell 155). A good example is Austin that happens to be a Democratic stronghold and central region that supports political activism progressively. Other loyal supporters to Democrat party include the Rio Grande Valley and El Paso. Additionally, majority of mayors in Key cities of Texas are also allied to the Democratic Party. Cities such as Dallas and Houston also have a large number of mayors whom they elected via the Democratic Party while residents in suburbs are republicans. It is clear that the republicans are strong in the state with majorities representing both suburban and rural areas of Texas hence overcome the Democrats in numbers.


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