Research Evaluation

Pupose: To know where to obtain reliable sources of nutrition information and to learn how to evaluate articles, ads and/or products found in magazines, newspapers, and other popular sources.

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Choose a weight-loss device supplement, or article from the web, magazine or newspaper

After reading the claims, think about the weight loss supplement, device or article and answer the following questions:

The promoters of the diet claim that the program or supplement is new, improved or based on some new discovery; however, no scientific data are available to support these claims. _____yes ______no
The program or supplement is touted for its ability to promote rapid weight loss or body fat loss usually more than 2 pounds per week, and may include the claim that weight loss can be achieved with little or no physical exercise. _______ yes ______no
The diet includes special foods and supplements, many of which are expensive and/or difficult to find or can be purchased only from the diet promoter. Common recommendations for these diets include avoiding certain foods, eating only special combination of certain foods or including “magic” foods in the diet that “burn fat” and “speed up metabolism”. ____yes ___no
The diet may include a rigid menu that must be followed daily or may limit participants to eating a few select foods each day. Variety and balance are discouraged, and restriction of certain foods) such as fruits and vegetables) is encouraged. _________yes __________no
Many programs promote supplemental foods and/or nutritional supplements that are described as critical to the success of the diet. They usually include claims that these supplements can cure or prevent a variety of health ailments or that the diet can stop the aging process. ________yes _________no


From the scientifically supported resource list below, choose and site at least two reliable sources that supports or refutes the claim of the product you have chosen. (Must be Typed)

In your own words, summarize the current research compared with the claims made by the weight loss product or article you selected.
Cite your resources using APA format

Scientifically Supported Resources:

U.S. National Library of Medicine ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed

National Institute of Medicine NIH.gov

Center for Disease Control CDC.gov

American Heart Association AHA.org

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Eatright.org

American Diabetes Association ADA.org

John Hopkins Reports hopkinsmedicine.org

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