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Brinda has recently joined a company and she is working as a software engineer. She was associated with a project to work on relationships. To get hold of the topic she starts writing a code where she takes the details of her colleagues and displays them in an ordered way. Let’s help Brinda to complete her code.

Create User class as the parent with the following attributes.

Attribute    Data Type
name    str
age    int
gender    str
contact    Contact
Use __init__() constructor to initialize the variables with respect to class.

Create a class Contact class with the following attributes.

Attribute    Datatype
phone_no    int
email_id    str
address    str
Use the following method to display the details in both class.

Sl.No    Method    Description
1.    __str__()    This method is used to return the string which needs to be printed

Strictly adhere to the Object-Oriented specifications given in the problem statement. All class names, attribute names, and method names should be the same as specified in the problem statement.

Input Format:
The first line of the input consists of string value corresponding to the name.
The second line of the input consists of Integer value corresponding to age.
The third line of the input consists of string value corresponding to gender.
The fourth line of the input consists of an integer value corresponding to the phone number.
The fifth line of input consists of string value corresponding to the email id.
The sixth line of the input consists of string value corresponding to the address.

Output Format:
Refer sample input-output format for better understanding.

Sample input-output [All lines in bold corresponds to the input]:
Enter Name
Chandan v
Enter Age
Enter Gender
Enter Phone Number
Enter Email id
Enter Address
Ramakrishna nagar,Mysore.

Name:chandan v
Phone Number:8892563578
Email id:druva14v@gmail.com
Address:Ramakrishna nagar,Mysore.


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