PJM410 – Project documentation, scheduling, and planning

PJM410 – Project documentation, scheduling, and planning are vital to the success of any project, but the risk management plan is executed through monitoring and controlling. As a project manager, what method will you use to monitor project risks? How can the results of risk management be used to gain further support for risk management in your organization?

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Topic: Review the PMBOK® Guide (PMI, 2017), Part 1, Section regarding the Close Procurement process. Discuss how change requests can influence the Close Procurement process. It is important for project managers to resist changes to the project baseline. Explain the implications of multiple change requests to the project baseline and Close Procurement process. Under what conditions should changes to the baseline be allowed and not be allowed? Please explain.

PJM 380 – Explain what project stakeholder analysis is and how you would perform such analysis. Identify tools and techniques that are beneficial in performing this analysis. Then, specify what the consequences might be if the project manager does not perform the analysis.


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