paper about the plant as it relates to human desire

Writing in a style that both matches Pollan’s tendencies AND is true to your own individuality, provide a fifth chapter to The Botany of Desire that explores your chosen plant as it relates to human desire. Here’s a checklist, in no particular order of importance:

1. 5 double-spaced, 12-point font pages

2. Focuses on the theme of which human desire the plant exposes

3. Describes active experiences that were pursued by the author to get material for Field Research

4. Contains a visual element

5. Provides a responsibly-cited scientific/botanical element

6. Explores the plant’s place in human culture, including how we have manipulated the plant

7. Includes discussion of the student author’s personal history with and connection to the plant

8. Written with attention to paragraph structure and organization, as well as grammar, punctuation, usage, mechanics, and style

9. Is written in the TONE of enjoyable, readable, top-level nonfiction prose. The student uses Pollan’s style as a jumping-off point and creates a tone and style

that is heir own

10. Contains a moral element. The student should demonstrate a clear attitude about how this plant reveals the moral virtues and/or failings of human beings.


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