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Click on the underlined Nutrition Research Project to view the project. You may want to print it out.  Your topic choice is due March 28, 2016 (submit via the topic submission link above) and the project is due May 9, 2016 and is a project grade. It is to be returned by way of the assignment link.   This assignment WILL NOT be accepted late.  You can get the directions for submitting your assignment in Module – Week 1 – Week 1 Activity – “Submitting assignments in blackboard.” You can also find this information under the tips section.  Go to the External Links to find the Quality Information Checklist website.  This assignment is worth 70 points.  There are a total of 100 points if you complete the topic submission and this assignment.  For all assignments only word documents are accepted.  Please do not submit a wordperfect document, it will not be graded and your grade will be a zero.

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