Need help with my writing homework on The Best Experience. Write a 500 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on The Best Experience. Write a 500 word paper answering;

A person has to come across many difficulties and problems in his lifetime. I also had one such difficult phase in my life when I had to give up on my passion for some time due to unavoidable circumstances. However that experience made me stronger and more resilient towards my work and now I would want to complete my Masters in Fashion Product Development from where I had left it. I could not pursue my career owing to the fact that I developed an ectopic pregnancy because of which I had to go through physical as well as emotional trauma. That phase was extremely hard-hitting for me as well as my family. I fell into depression which was the reason why I did not send my portfolio to the university. I gathered myself again and faced the difficult time and I now wish to continue my career. Currently, I am working on a new project in a clothing company which mainly deals with T-shirts.

I intend to resume my professional degree and make use of my working experience with the clothing company and experiment on new things on the way. The field of Fashion Product Development has a growing scope and the Masters Degree aims to develop and polish the individuals and make them capable of entering the area of products in the fashion sector of the companies. The course deals with knowledge pertaining to business issues along with technical skills. This degree is for people like me who are creative and have the aesthetic sense to select beautiful designs for clothes. I believe that imagination plays a pivotal role in creating latest costumes or products like clothes, footwear, hats and the like. I wish to enhance my skills and become a part of the fashion industry by utilizing my knowledge and imaginative power. Fashion has existed since many years and it has been an integral part of the human society. It depicts different cultures and heritages of the world and allows professionals to explore beyond the boundaries of their origin.

I am personally very ambitious about diving in the field of fashion product development and acquire the best that this field can offer to the candidates. I believe this institution has all the right ingredients for a passionate learner like me. The theories of aesthetics and the history of fashion development form an integral part of the course and I realize that these, along with an individual’s creativity and conceptual understanding help a great deal in excelling in this area.

Past experience always help an artist to be more creative and expressive in his ideas. My experience has allowed me to explore my potential in this regard and I am optimistic about my revival in the field of Fashion Product Development. Working in the clothing company and designing t-shirts has been a good exposure. I have learnt that there are different types of people with varying strengths and areas of improvement. I am no exception because life has to move on despite all the ups and downs. Rejoining the University would be the best thing at this stage because I will not only be able to catch-up with my profession but also be able to gain the best possible knowledge in the field of my choice. The university will help me to understand the field of fashion and learn the important aspects of this field. I am truly committed to my career and I will put in all my strength and efforts to meet the requirements of the university.

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