Need an research paper on on the city of tulsa. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on on the city of tulsa. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The City of Tulsa and Tulsa County has owed its success on private enterprise that has flourished and allowed room for substantial economic growth. New and existing infrastructure projects allow the retention of jobs and the advent of new ones that are highly beneficial to the residents and provide a welcome for potential residents.

The Arkansas River as Tulsa’s greatest untapped natural resource has recently been tapped for full development as a prominent physical capital for real estate and tourism hubs that coordinately improves the city’s economy. Despite the economic potential further development brings in, we must recognize the ill-effects that comes with it. A study on population dynamics has questioned the sustainability of our natural resources amidst the current population boom and the influx of illegal immigrants in the country not to mention the legal immigrants. The law of supply and demand may create an imbalance if the natural resource is scarce. No matter how we try to accommodate improvement but nature refuses to provide the demands due to over-population and over-usage will thereby result to a tangible scarcity of resources. Man’s basic needs for food and water can no longer be met and that is an ill-effect of too much economic improvement.

On illegal Immigration:

The issue of illegal immigration has been placed in the background in favor of several more pressing issues. However, we cannot ignore that our country is approaching a population 280 million of which illegal immigrants are not even accounted for. If we continue and allow the influx of illegal immigrants, food and water scarcity will be experienced in the later years to come. Compassion should start within us all and consider these illegal immigrants have a home country to return to when dire consequences would hit us, but we only have this country to return to, therefore it is our sole responsibility to make our country sustainable and viable for us all.

On the issue of jobs taken in by illegal immigrants:

All Americans must be educated on the effects of the current population boom. Education creates consciousness for every American to focus on his responsibility towards his country and work on acceptable jobs to help reduce the influx of “aliens”. The aim is not to discriminate anybody in particular, but to work towards the common goal of having jobs for everyone. Americans are complaining of “less jobs” available to them. But, we come to the conclusion after realizing that there are indeed jobs which Americans refuse to take because of the low wages that are offered by companies who favor aliens working for them due to the low wages they are offered.

Cheap labor is good and beneficial to the capitalists but as a whole, it has created a number of jobless legal immigrantsand Americans. What good does illegal immigration do for the country when most “aliens” scrimp on their wages so they can send them to the waiting mouths to feed back home.

Note: Please get back to me if you are not in favor so we can revise. That is just how I think.


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