Music Therapy in Operating Rooms

write an article on Music Therapy in Operating Rooms. It needs to be at least 2000 words. Multiple effects on a patient result from music playback during surgery in the operating room, as it helps him to calm down and yield to the application of anesthesia just before the commencement of surgery. In this case, music tends t calm down normally tense and nervous patients when the use of anesthesia fails. It also works in terms of providing a positive atmosphere for the patient to think positively about the forthcoming surgery and the likely outcomes (Nilsson n.d.).

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Furthermore, calming down a patient, allows the patient to relax by acting as a form of distraction from the fear of undergoing surgery, pain, and anxiety. This way, playing music in the operating room helps patients cope with pain and the accompanying feeling of being in a strange environment. This concept works together with the earlier concept of a positive environment. This is because the application of music cuts back on the focus towards other likely events and feelings and directs them to music and its impact. This is rather than focusing on pain, fear, and frustration, but more on the healing process and a positive outcome.

In addition, the issue of experience, for the patient, comes up in regard to the use of music in surgery. This concerns patient satisfaction during surgery due to anxiety and its interaction with anesthesia. In this case, music eliminates, by a large percentage, any discomfort caused by the induction of anesthesia and recovery of the patient during operation as it. Moreover, since anxiety works adversely on patients during and after an operation, applying music during and before an operation, improves the rate of recovery in a patient and decreases, substantially, the occurrence of pain and delayed recovery after surgery (Arslan et al. 2007). Still, on patient experience during surgery, music plays a key role in improving it, as hearing ability during surgery and under general anesthesia.

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