Legal and Ethical Issues and Health Professionals article essay

– Read the (4) target articles and reports attached

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– Write and submit a paper (not less than 1000 words, not including any front matter or references) discussing all of the following:
– Regarding the Willowbrook Hepatitis Experiments and the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, discuss the researchers’ rationale for launching and conducting these studies.
– Discuss the methodologies utilized in the Willowbrook Hepatitis Experiments and the Tuskegee Syphilis Study
– Discuss the ethical problems inherent in the research protocols of both studies, including examples from the conduct of each study.
– Discuss the biomedical ethical principles proposed in the Belmont Report and the application of each of these principles to biomedical research and practice.

– Your paper must include four citations (references) in APA format, not including citations of the four target articles/reports. Papers with less than four citations in APA format will receive an automatic 5-point deduction from the assignment grade.

– Your Week One Assignment SafeAssign Originality score must be below 20%. Week One Assignments with a SafeAssign Originality greater than 20% will receive a grade of zero.

– Quoted phrases, typically, should not be longer than 10 words.

– The recommended font is either Times New Roman (12-point) or Century Schoolbook (12-point).

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