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General guidelines: You will prepare a Powerpoint presentation of no more than 10 slides (not including a cover slide). You must have at least one reference to the readings, outside materials and text used throughout the semester on each slide. Therefore, you will have at least 10 references in your presentation. The presentation written content must be in paragraph form with proper grammar and spelling. Poor grammar and spelling will have a negative impact on your grade. Do not use bullet points. You may include pictures and hyperlinks. Your presentation should be interesting and creative.

Content of presentation: Your presentation must examine one issue of international justice that we are facing today. You must state the issue, the reasons this issue has arisen, analyze how a Realist and Liberal thinker according to the Theories of International Justice would deal with this issue, propose solutions, and set forth predictions for the future.  You should also discuss how IGOs, NGOs, and potentially a world government could help/hurt in resolving this issue.


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