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1. How and why did Buddhism spread throughout China in its Age of Disunity?  Why did Buddhism decline in China by the mid-Song era? 

2.  What were the hallmarks of Chinese society in the Tang and Song eras?  How did the peasants’ lives differ from those of city-dwellers?  How did women’s roles and rights differ from men’s? 

3.  Why and how did Vietnam, Korea, and Japan emulate Chinese ideas and institutions?  How did they adapt these ideas and institutions to fit their own cultures?

Write a MINIMUM three-page document, double-spaced, 12 font, with detailed information in a Windows Word, Google document, or PDF file.  Cite your sources after each question.  (Judge, page numbers), (recorded lectures), etc.

Please refer to
TEXTBOOKS:         Judge, Edward H. Connections: A World History Volume 1, Third Edition  ISBN 9780133841442 (physical printed version)

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