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1.—Click the link above to submit your assignment. Students, please view the “Submit a Clickable Rubric Assignment” in the Student Center. Instructors, training on how to grade is within the Instructor Center.

“Critical Thinking Paper — Draft and Self-evaluation 2 (Due Week 9)”

Once you have completed a draft which presents and defends your position for your chosen topic, look at your paper and pay careful attention to any arguments that you are using to support your position. (Note: If there are no arguments, then you have not written an argumentative paper!)


  • On a separate sheet (not part of the paper), identify the premises and conclusion of each of the arguments in your paper. Most papers will have one overriding argument and then several smaller arguments which “prove” the truth of the premises you are making in the larger argument.
  • Look at each of the arguments you have located in your paper. Carefully study them to see if there are any informal fallacies. If there are any fallacies, note the name of the fallacy beneath your identified arguments. Explain why each is a fallacy.
  • Carefully examine each of your arguments again. Even if there isn’t an informal fallacy present, is each of the individual arguments valid? Do the premises provide enough evidence to support the conclusion? If you are not sure, try rewriting each argument as categorical syllogism and then test for validity. Under each argument, identify whether it is valid or invalid.
  • Explain to your instructor how you intend to change these arguments in your paper in order to be certain that they are free from fallacies and are perfectly valid.
  • Once you have completed these tasks, continue editing and revising your paper in order to eliminate the problems that you have just noted and to make it more persuasive.

The self-evaluation should be at least one (1) page, 250 words minimum. The evaluation should be typed. APA format is not required for the assignment. Include your name and date.

Your self-evaluation will be assessed based on development and completeness in response to the questions.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Devise an action plan for overcoming the hindrances to the decision-making process by applying problem-solving skills to personal, professional, and academic situations and experiences.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in critical thinking skills and informal logic.
  • Write clearly and concisely about issues in critical thinking using proper writing mechanics.-

Note the self evaluation is below, this might help. thank you.


            The topic for this assignment is “CEOs are paid too much”. There are more than a few arguments about the CEO salary over the years. It is clear that CEOs earn more or huge amounts of salaries compared to most leaders globally. Some people argue that it is not fair for CEOs to earn these amounts because it affects the financial system of a country or the world. This people argue that CEOs perform less work compared to the wages they earn annually (Murphy, 2006). My position regarding to the topic is different from Bush argument that stated “CEOs earn too much compared to their performance”. CEOs earning too much is significant because they are the leaders of organizations. (Lorsch, 2012).

The audience should understand why CEOs deserve great salary than what they get. CEOs deserve 300 times what the average employees earn. One of the major imperative reasons that CEOs should earn 300 times than employees is due to their contributions in their organizations. “The growth and development of most organization have been influenced by the repetitive performance of CEOs” (Lorsch, 2012). This is one of the major phrase that the audience should understand about CEOs and the reason why they deserve a great salary. My intention to John and the former President of America, Bush is to make them understand the significance of CEOs to earn great salaries. However, there many factors that may deny my argument from being agreed by Bush and John. The audience will not agree with the claim “CEOs salaries do not affect financial system of a state or the world” because is not effective (Kolb, 2006).


            In summation, it is significant that CEOs earn great salaries. CEOs wages contribute to the growth and development organizations. However, it is significant for CEOs to earn fair salaries equal to their achievement in an organization. Organizations that perform effectively should earn their CEOs great wages because of their effort to develop the organization’s success. The agreement and utility view of justice in CEOs wages cannot account the way opponents needs. CEOs make plenty of contributions in organizations profits. CEOs job is complex because it requires the performance of a variety of tasks such as processing information, negotiating deals, and holding meetings with the subordinates and customers in leadership and trade roles.


Moriarty, J. (2005). “Do CEOs Get Paid Too Much?”. Business Ethics Quarterly. Pg 1-29. Retrieved from http://personal.bgsu.edu/~jmoriar/ceopay_web.pdf.

Murphy, P., R. (2006). “Are CEOs Paid Too Much?.” Volume 56, Issue: 8. The Freeman. Retrieved from http://www.thefreemanonline.org/features/are-ceos-paid-too-much/.

Kolb, R. W. (2006). The ethics of executive compensation. Malden, Mass. [u.a.: Blackwell.

Lorsch, J. W. (2012). The future of boards: Meeting the governance challenges of the twenty-first century. Boston, Mass: Harvard Business Review Press.


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