Find an article from a health care professional journal

Find an article from a health care professional journal pertaining to medication errors. Please write a synopsis (brief summary) of that article. Cite your source in the accepted APA format. A program will be used to check for plagiarism and I must be able to pull your article up using the citation you provide. Plagiarism or the inability to find your article will result in a zero (0) for the assignment. Plagiarism may result in dismissal from the program.

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On the day due, submit your work. No late papers will be accepted.

Articles abound by the hundreds in the data base and may be accessed through your computer. Contact or go to the library and ask for assistance if necessary – they will be happy to help you find what you need.
Articles from Medscape, Wikipedia, etc. will not be accepted. This MUST be from a professional journal or the paper will not be graded and you will receive a zero.
This assignment will count as a test grade.

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