ContraCOVID Communication Strategy

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ContraCOVID is an international graduate health student run organization that aims at helping Latinx and Immigrant populations in regards to COVID-19. Contra COVID was started by 5 Harvard medical students and has grown to encompass multiple cities across the US by mobilizing medical students and future health workers in various schools.

Please ensure that these projects directly relate to the committees and work to increase their access to our target population.  Write a summary of exactly how you plan to support the committees you met through these communication strategies. This document can serve as a list of goals/ competencies for your strategy. Please refer to the committee goals listed below to create a communication strategy summary.


Resource Usage Committee – This committee is dedicated to creating creative ways to measure the impact of our outreach work. This committee collects demographic information from the participants reached through the Referral, Workshop and Focus Group committees to ensure that, as a team, we are reaching our target population. The committee creates data summary reports and releases those reports to the other ContraCOVID NYC committees. The committee is also responsible for analysing the impact that COVID-19 has had on the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated population in NYC and developing an infographic campaign to help this population.

Referral Committee- The referral committee generates creative ways to reach out to the target population ( through NYC organizations, grassroots campaigns, ect) and provide the link to relevant resources identified by Contra COVID. Contra COVID has a resource qualtrics tool that keeps track of resources identified in NYC. This committee locates groups of our target population to provide resource referrals to using the resources identified by our team. The aim of this committee is to link our target population to resources existing in NYC and to promote horizontal communications between organizations which serve our demographic in NYC. This committee will be developing a mock healthcare system by mapping out the services provided by existing NGOs and CBOs in NYC as they relate to the services provided by the H+H system of care. They will then work to distribute the map and refer the target population to this mock system.

Focus Group Committee- This committee develops surveys to understand the needs of our target population and locates cohorts of our population to distribute the surveys to. The committee then develops summaries of their findings and makes recommendations based on the findings. The Focus Group committee will be conducting an outreach assessment to analyse the most effective ways to reach and help Latinx and Immigrant populations.

Social Service Navigator Program- The SSNP gives 1:1 guidance and translation of online web pages to participants over the phone. Contra COVID members across the country sign up to schedule phone calls with non-english speakers that need help navigating english only sites.


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