Comparing performance

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Comparing performance is a common business strategy, including those among healthcare facilities. As a data analyst, you are asked to evaluate a data source to be used for benchmarking purposes. Then, you will create a presentation of your findings.

Using the Hospitals Compare feature on the Department of Health and Human Services website, access benchmarking data for local hospitals
Conduct a search by name, proximity, or geography following the instructions under the heading “Find a Hospital?”
Select at least two facilities to compare by selecting “Add to Compare”
Select “Compare Now”
Select one of the Categories/Tabs at the top (example – Survey, Complications)
Select a Category from the drop-down arrow(s)
Select “Show Graphs”
Copy and/or save graphs

Create an 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation with a title, introduction, and reference page to:

Describe the use of benchmarking and comparative data. Provide at least 3 examples, based on your Hospitals Compare results.
Discuss statistical data that allow comparative measures, such as mean and median. Provide at least 3 examples, based on your Hospitals Compare results.

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