Thematic summary question

A note about this assignment: You will have two weeks to complete each thematic summary question. For the W8 thematic summary question that follows, your access begins in Week 7 and it is due at the end of Week 8. 

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Technological innovations and architectural space:  The periods and cultures examined in the second half of this course witnessed numerous technological innovations that redefined how architecture was conceived and used.  Interior space and the design of building exteriors built on the successes of previous periods and at times moved in new directions as earlier building practices were forgotten or no longer sufficient for the needs of the community.  Discuss five (5) specific and dated buildings that illustrate the development of architecture and its use throughout the periods and cultures we examined during weeks 7 and 8.  Your discussion should examine both the structural innovations and the functional context of the structures as well as how these elements draw on or deviate from the developments of earlier periods.  These examples should be drawn from at least 3 different cultures or periods that we studied in weeks 7 and 8 (although you can return to earlier examples to provide a context for your discussion but these earlier contextual examples will not count toward the 5 examples that you must cite).  The examples should be discussed fully within your narrative and not briefly addressed in a “bulleted list”. You answer must be at least three pages in length.

Your essay must be at least three (3) pages in length, must include properly cited peer reviewed references to support your statements and must be proof read for grammar and spelling.   Make sure that you properly cite all references as plagiarized papers will result in a failing grade in the course. 

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