Case study of Boost Juice – focus on growth management

Follow the problem-oriented method in order to:     1. Critically evaluate the decision-making process by relating the theory to the practical situation  2. Suggest an alternative decision-making process and provide another solution to the existing problem  3. Apply the knowledge discussed in the unit to recommend the best solution to be implemented 4. Provide details on how the solution should be implemented In the findings section, it is required to identify the problems found the case. The analysis of each problem must be based and supported by facts, along with, being linked to the relevant theory/theories and the concepts analysed in the course of this unit. It is very important to search for underlying problems. You can divide this section into sub-sections Discussion In the discussion section, you need to summarize the major problem(s) and identify the decision-making process that has been followed, along with, the solution that has been adopted. Conclusion In this section, you will sum up the main points from the findings and the discussion Critical evaluation In this section, you critically evaluate the decision-making process and the solution that has been provided. This evaluation needs to be based on facts, along with, theoretical components and concepts that have been discussed in the course of this unit. In addition, you need to briefly outline each alternative solution and then evaluate it in terms of advantages and disadvantages. It is important that you link your evaluation to the theoretical components and concepts discussed in the course of the unit Recommendations In this section your recommend the alternative solution that should be adopted and provide detailed justification explaining how this solution could have solved the major problem(s) and have potentially affected the course of actions that took place. This section needs to be written in a convincing and persuasive manner, synthesizing multiple sources of information, while providing “up-to-speed” but at the same time “down-to-earth” insights. It is important that the recommendations need to integrate the theoretical components and concepts discussed in the course of the unit Implementation In this section, you are requested to provide instructions on what should be done, by whom and by when, along with, providing a roadmap for an actionable plan. If appropriate you can include an approximate estimate of costs (financial and time) case study is an approximately 3000-word document (excluding executive summary, table of contents, references, tables, figures, appendices)

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